November 28th

The cloud from when I arrived at the hospital this morning has dissipated into wisps of high cloud.  It’s breezy but, for Wellington, quite a glorious day, especially for the Hobbit premiere, and altogether far too good to be in hospital recuperating from an operation

Ive had to many surgeries over the past 10 years. The pre-op procedure is almost becoming routine.  With that done I was wheeled off at 9am this morning. They told me they were inserting a needle with a ‘light’ sedative and that was the last thing I remember till I woke up in Recovery. The surgeon is confident he has clean tissue all around the chick pea so that is good news. As for the node biopsy that will have to be put through all the tests and I will find out next Thursday what the results are from that.

i haven’t shed a tear since Peter left this morning.

So here I am in my hospital room writing a blog.  There’s a little pain but the policy here seems to be to keep me well dosed up with painkillers to keep me as comfortable as possible. I am a wuss so I am quite grateful for that.

It’s actually altogether far too hot to be in hospital.  Must be a good sign that I can sit here and complain about the sunshine rather than pain or the disfigurement that I can’t really see yet. (I am still in one of those horribly fashionable hospital gowns.

3 thoughts on “November 28th

  1. is it bad to acknowledge that the feeling (while very fleeting) as the anaesthetic starts taking effect is one of the nicest feelings in the world? drugs are a wonderful thing sometimes but I can see how they can become so addictive. Glad to hear the op went well and fingers crossed the other bit comes back good.

  2. Oh, those loverley hospital gowns – the “Seymour Butt” version with the domes across the shoulders so no matter how you are positioned in bed “they” can come and take a peek at your wound!

    Good to hear you are awake and alert and feeling OK – well, as OK as it is possible to feel under the circumstances! Keep up the paracetamol to stay on top of the pain – and drink lots of water. How is your throat? Hope that is not too sore – and nothing a lovely feed of jelly and icecream every so often wouldn’t put right!

    Hope you have a good night’s rest before you head back home tomorrow.

    Love and prayers coming your way …

  3. You should be sound asleep right now as I get going with Wednesday. Hope you are comfortable and able to rest and will be home very soon. I am glad that the op is over so you can focus on the family events coming up quickly. Big hug.

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