The Hiatus

After the rigours of the past weeks I decided that last week would be my pampering week. I had a facial, a pedicure, my hair done and my nails done. Just for good measure I also had my eyes tested. Reading things on my screen has become more difficult over recent months. I need new specs!!

On Friday I realised that only had a few days left to compete my Christmas shopping. So after some advice from Frith and Keri I spent the weekend shopping in Masterton, looking for toys I had never heard of before. I really ought to watch more kids TV or play computer games to be an up to date Grandma. I finished off with a trip to the Westfield Mall in Lower Hutt on Monday. So I have the grandchildren mostly sorted but as for the rest…………

My trip to Lower Hutt was punctuated by calls from the Breast cancer Nurse and Boulcott Hospital, the upshot of which was that my arrival time has been out back to 7.45. Even so it still means leaving home at 6.30am.

Yesterday I had appointments with the massage therapist and chiropractor and also to go back to the Cancer Society office to pick up their breast care pack. It was filled with yet more reading matter but also practical things to get me through the next few weeks and a small teddy bear hugging a pink heart with the pink ribbon symbol embroidered on it.

This time I managed the visit to the Cancer society without the demon that had accompanied me the week before, although the tears were ever at the ready.

Back home again my late afternoon was filled with calls and emails from friends and family wishing me well for the operation and treatment to come.

My good friend Cynthia had wisely suggested dinner out that evening. That seemed like a good idea and the last bit of pampering before the operation, to say nothing of the fact that it was also the last meal of any sort before the operation. So we made a trip to The Tin Hut at Tauherenikau for a very nice ‘last supper’.

Even though I refrained from alcohol, when we returned home I Felt I was running on adrenalin again and not at all ready for bed. Fortunately Simon called and whiled away another half hour with me on the phone. Shortly afterwards I went to bed and went to sleep sitting up with my book unread. However I was well awake nearly an hour before the alarm was due to make its early morning summons.

The frozen pea feels more like a chick pea now.

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