Carterton New Zealand

Bio: Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, wife, mother, grandmother, cat lady, Track and Field official.

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  1. This is such a wonderful way to be able to express ones feelings. Talking to people is one things; but sharing your thought through the written word, can be so healing for you and your family friends. I know, I have and am on my own journey with Ovarian Cancer….and after living beyond the years 5 at max; not at 15, they still have no answer. That is what is hard when we find out we have :cancer:. Medical science has progressed so much since I love first my Mom (1972 -ovarian) , baby sister (2005) and most recently my cousin Michael to Pancreatic (2012). We have a familial pre-disposition through genetics testing. BUT KEEP BELIEVING…and never stop.
    And, you are alive and with your family, you can always get those jelly gizzmos the young ones use. My sister stressed about hers as she had a mastectomy on her right side. The prosthetic worked, and again I stress, it is you, as your boob does not make the wonderful woman you are Sylvia!

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